Pregnancy Hacks from someone who was pregnant for five years.

Yes, five years. 40ish weeks x six kids = 240 months= 1680 days and 5 years x 12 months= 1825 days

OK so that’s 145 days less.

But still.

That’s close enough.

Especially considering the fact that some of my kids were born after the 40 week mark. And one day past due is as long as three normal days. So yeah. I was pregnant for five years, apparently.

Wearing your Jeans in Pregnancy

During this time, I learned a few tricks. I used to loop a rubber band around my jeans button, then through the loop and back around to the button. It would stretch as my belly grew and extend the wearability of my jeans. Another thing I did was to fold the corner flaps of the jeans inward. There was a point where the button would dig into my skin and become uncomfortable but for the most part, and with most jeans, that technique worked out well.Today’s moms have access to the coolest invention, the belly belt is a really nice and comfortable looking version of the old-fashioned “rubber band trick.”

Sleeping comfortably while pregnant

Another thing I used to do is wedge a pillow under my knees while I slept. Modern moms can buy specially made bean bags that are designed to wedge under bellies and between knees for increased comfort and to maintain proper healthy alignment. The weight and mass of a gigantic belly makes it very difficult to sleep. I’ve heard that larger chested women experience this even worse because they have weight and mass on their chest, too. It’s always funny when a woman says “I can’t wait til this baby is born so I can get some sleep.” I always felt that way. And it was perfect because I follow the advice that says “Sleep when your baby sleeps” and newborns tend to sleep like 20 hours a day or something, so it’s really true. But some people – the sleep=training- type of people who imagine their baby will sleep through the night right away end up having sleepless nights as a new mom. I never went through that really. I slept with my babies and slept when they slept and had a fine time, much easier after they were born than before.

Reducing back pain during pregnancy

Did you ever wonder why so many women have back pain during pregnancy? It all comes back to the weight-and-mass thing. Lugging that big belly around all the time is tough on your muscles. I didn’t have ANY back pain with my oldest and I’m convinced that it’s because I was swimming every day. Modern moms can install Swim Spas in their yards or even on their patio or even indoors. I was lucky, we had an above-ground pool and I was able to swim every day. Under water, the weight of my belly would all but disappear and I could stretch and move with freedom. The muscles got a break and were able to get stronger and stronger during the months, rather than weaker and weaker. If I ever get pregnant again, I will be swimming and hula hooping every single day.