I will not be silenced: A writer’s manifesto

(cross-published at GypsyMom.com as my “back-to-blogging” celebration begins)

I write

I have written
I will write

I am a writer

I choose my words carefully, they reflect my most pressing truth, so far as I can tell, at the moment they are written.

I am not responsible for your interpretation.

If something I’ve written upsets you, I welcome a rational discussion on the matter.

If I’m writing about my opinion, my emotions, my plans and goals for the future; know that they may change at any given moment and I may or may not write about it. This doesn’t make me inconsistent, it doesn’t make me a liar. It might make you confused, but your thoughts and opinions don’t change who I am. Indeed, they simply represent YOUR perceptions.

I don’t write simply to report my thoughts to anyone, so no single piece of my writing, published or unpublished, including this one, can be used to represent me outside of the entire body of my work.

I don’t fool myself into thinking that my truth is the ONLY truth. The decisions I make in my life are based on my core beliefs and yours are, too. I suggest you try not to fool yourself into believing that your truth is more important or valid than mine. Diversity is important.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Better yet, if you don’t like it, you should probably examine why you’re having an emotional response and get to the bottom of your own dilemma rather than shooting the messenger.

Either way,

I will not be silenced