Room for Two

So 17 years without spending the night away from home (sans Russell Sprouts) Can you believe it? It was the first time my husband and I have EVER EVER EVER in the course of our marriage spent the night in a hotel without our children. Ever. Imagine that, after being married over 17 years.

Something had to change.

An important part of Plan C is the fact that he and I need to get to know each other. We’re supposed to be filling our recent memories with happy things; making daily deposits to the love bank (which is not a* euphamism, it’s a Dr Phil thing, I think). Over the years, We’ve grown up together, we’ve learned how to be parents, learned how to be grown-ups, learned how to be a family and now it’s time for us to learn how to be a couple. And we both have a habit of doing things on our own timeline, so this is perfect. Perfect timing for a weekend away.

We drove all of 45 minutes, to get to the Tri Cities area (Kennewick, Pasco & Richland) . I know it’s not an exotic location, it might qualify as a staycation, but to us it might as well have been a second honeymoon. The drive was nice, I crocheted a baby blanket for a friend, we chatted about the landscape, argued about life a little, shared our very different memories of the same situations and relished the lack of interruptions.

We arrived at the hotel in Kennewick and decided to take a drive around the area to see what it was like. We enjoyed sharing the sights together and returned to the hotel to get ready for dinner. We dined at Zinful, it’s a wine bar and panini grill. The food was delicious. We had a roasted garlic appetizer and delicious panini sandwiches, soup and salad.  Afterward, we headed across the street to the Jack Didley Comedy Club. We had a great time there (and a great blackberry martini). The hotel pool was open 24 hours so we took a late-night swim. Actually, I sat in the hot tub and he dove right into the pool.

In the morning, we enjoyed one of the best free breakfast buffets EVER. How often do you see all-you-can-eat eggs, sausage and bacon on a breakfast buffet? I hate it when there’s nothing but simple carbs on the menu! They had real fresh fruit, yogurt (no high fructose corn syrup) and juices plus the tastiest coffee and make-your-own-waffles with real strawberries for the topping.

After that, we went back downtown to take some pictures (like this one of the funniest business ever). We had to be home by noon because our teenagers had activities planned. The entire trip lasted around 24 hours. Now that the kids are getting older, we can do things like this more often. Reconnecting sounds like a good thing :)

* would it be a euphanism or an euphamism?  Where are my editor friends when I need them?

(They probably gave up on me a long time ago)

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