I am that mom, too

Apparently Flo Gascon lets her kids eat ice cream for breakfast and Ronnie Maier (another unschooling genius mom) was inspired to host a blog carnival so she wouldn’t feel like such a loser so all us yes-sayers could shout it from the rooftops (or… our mommy blogs, as the case may be)

So before you announce that I’m crazy (as if I haven’t already confessed to that) check out the people commenting here because they’re THAT MOM (or Dad, maybe) too.

OK- I’m the mom that lets her 2 yr old eat a bowl of candied walnuts and rolaids, which she calls “drugs,” by the way.

cereal made from tums and candied walnuts

The breakfast of champions
I’m the mom that photographs her daughter’s bloody nose. In my defense, she WANTED pictures.
bloody nose
I’m the mom that lets her kids kiss poultry
kissing chickens
I’m the mom that lets her kids play with fire. That’s right, the kids like to light birthday candles and hold them until they burn down. They drip hot wax on the table and their skin and peel it off and mold it into other shapes and play chicken to see who can let it burn down farthest. Why not?
kids play with fire
I’m the mom that lets her kids draw on their bodies with sharpie markers. in this photo, those aren’t serpents of Wal-mart, that’s actually the mark of the dark lord- that’s right, my kids are death eaters (I’m the mom that lets them read that evil literature) I do realize permanent markers might be toxic, but I’m also that mom that grows organic veggies and doesn’t buy a lot of processed foods, so I think we have some wiggle room in the carcinogen department. I also clean with natural things instead of chemicals, so I’m sure that helps, too.

I’m that mom who lets her kids talk to strangers. Terrible, I know. I have this backwards socialization theory that states “Everyone is a stranger until you know them” and that “just because someone is a stranger, it doesn’t mean they’re bad” and that MAYBE kids are smart enough to know if someone is creepy or not and if no one ever talked to strangers the world would be a pretty boring place. In fact, everyone I know was a stranger at some point in time. But what do I know?

I’m that mom who lets her 2 yr old sit at the top of a bridge. Honestly, it was horrifying. And we got down right away. We spent some more time climbing all over the bridge, but the kid knew it wasn’t a good idea and couldn’t wait to get off of the ledge. My only regret is that I didn’t sit taller. Yeah- I’m that mom.

I’m that mom who takes the kids to the playground after dark. And plays with them instead of supervising them. Sunshine is for suckers.

I’m that mom who spends WAY TOO MUCH on art supplies. So shoot me.

I’m that mom who lets her 2 yr old put on lipstick, and wear it in public. she felt like a princess.

I’m that mom who pulled over so my teenagers could take their photo with the Sealy mattress sheep (but a non disclosure agreement prevents me from posting their photos on this blog) 

I’m the mom that sat in a parking lot so my 13 yr old could catch a rabbit and bring it home as a pet

I’m the mom (and I’m not the only one, apparently) who lets the kids skate in the house, mattress surf down the stairs, build tents in the living room, use the roof of the car as a stage for impromptu performances, stay up until whatever time they feel like going to sleep…

Yeah, that’s me.

And I’m in good company, too

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10 comments to I am that mom, too

  • LOL! The funniest thing I’ve read all day. You ROCK!

  • Oooh, we haven’t mattress surfed the stairs in a long time. Thanks for the reminder!

  • I’ve been nodding along to all of these blog entries, but yours was more than most. Art supply overload? Markers on skin? Teaching my child *how* to talk to strangers? Playing with fire? Check. Check. Check. And check.

    Loved this!

  • Aw the lipsticked princess… I luv this post!

  • Skating in the house – check. Wiggle room on toxics- check. Playing at the park – check. Kids in makeup – check… You’re definitely not the only one. If only we could all move to one town, or state, and take it over.

  • Awesome! I’m moving more towards being THAT mom.

  • i am that mom who lets her kid rip up or color on books when she wants to. afterall, the books belong to my kid, not me. if she rips them up and tape won’t fix it and she is sad them maybe she will remember that next time. but really, she has never ripped a book so badly that we couldn’t repair it unless she was totally over it. and that has only happened 3 or 4 times. and then we had some cool collage material. but i still remember my good friend’s face when we were car pooling and i put my daughter in next to hers and her daughter had a pad and crayon and i knew mine would want to draw, too, but i had no pad or crayon so i grabbed a book (of my daughter’s) and a pen and handed it to her. priceless!

    i am there with you with most of the above stuff. except the rolaids, and the bridge. but i only have one kid who is not quite 3 so give me some time ;)

  • Shoot! One of these days my daughters sharpie tattoo art will become a permanent tattoo on me!

    Another one of THOSE moms :-)

  • So great! Funny, I am trying to be “that Mom”. I have spent the past 2 weeks trying to let my kids do things I wouldn’t normally do. One of these things was letting my 6 yr old jump of an 8-10 foot ledge into the river. I was terrified, but we were both so jazzed after she did it. I have been letting my kids stay up later and ride their bikes in the rain (which resulted in a scary accident last night, but that’s life right)! thanks for sharing this!

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